July 2015 Members of the Month


 Certified Coin Consultants, Inc. 


Shenker, Zacarese & Marks, LLP 


Certified Coin Consultants, Inc.


Derek Sawchenko  (516) 218-2094  Derek@certifiedcoinconsultants.com

Twitter handle:   CertCoinConsultant@CertifiedCoin

Facebook URL:   www.facebook/certifiedcoinconsultants

Website URL:   www.certifiedcoinconsultants.com


Who is your business inspiration & why?



My Grandfather from Russia is my inspiration in everything that I do.  He instilled in me a great work ethic along with my father’s guidance who is a diligent worker himself. When I was young he would show me medals from his time with the Russian Army as he was highly decorated. I remember he would show me coinage from Russia as well as it always intrigued me. I still today have some of the coins he showed me as a child and owe my success in life as well as business to his teachings and positive reinforcement throughout my life.


How did you get started in this business and what is your particular specialty?



I have always been is sales throughout my professional career. I started as a Financial Advisor on Wall Street in securities and then moved to the currency markets as a money manager for a number of years.  I got started in the rare coin industry through my neighbor and friend Bob Engelhard who had been working in the industry for years. He and I would talk often and the more he told me about what he was doing the more I became interested.  I eventually went to work with him at the company he was employed and truly enjoyed the business and financial rewards.  After working there myself  for a few months we decided to venture off and start our own business. We established the company three years ago out of a small office in Lynbrook and have grown to be a reputable power house in the industry. Our specialty is graded Gold and Silver coinage from the 1800’s and early 1900’s as well as modern rarities.  We pride ourselves on having the best prices anywhere and a level of service that is un-matched. We offer our ever changing inventory through our E-Bay store (Certifiedcoinconsultant) where we are power sellers and have 100% positive feedback as well as our website and now our new retail location in the heart of Rockville Centre.


How do you define success as a business owner?


I feel that success in any business is being excited about your profession and having happy customers that continue to come back over and over.  I always say to my wife that through our good times and bad times in business I have not felt that I have worked one day.  I truly enjoy my business and with that financial rewards do come.


What are your goals for yourself and the company over the next 3-5 years?


My personal goals over the next 3-5 years are to become the best father, husband and friend and entrepreneur I can be.  As for the business I would like to see steady growth that we have enjoyed over the first three years, roughly doubling year to year and to have our retail location be the go to spot for collectors and investor’s.


What do you love about RVC? 


I love and appreciate the people of Rockville Centre.  There is true sense of family that is nice to be a part of.  The streets and lots are always kept very clean and it is a community that is safe and pretty.  There is something for everyone in Rockville Centre from clothing shops, restaurants, florists, bars, movies, and boutique style stores that are very accommodating operated by great people. I am very excited about being a part of the community and proud to now have my business here.


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