RVC Chamber Committees 2024

The Chamber encourages members to participate in the various committees for their personal development, community stewardship and business networking. Committees meet on a monthly basis and include general meetings and events. Our Chamber Committees represent a great opportunity for targeted networking. If you are interested in joining any of the committees listed below, you are welcomed to attend one of their meetings or reach out to the Chair Representative to learn more. 


Marketing and Communications Committee

Lisa Umansky - Chair - lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com     

Newsletter - Lisa Umansky - lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com

Social Media - Jillian Weston - jillian@jillianscircus.com

Website - Ed  Asip - easip48@gmail.com

Constant Contact Email - Carol O'Leary - coleary@coachrealtors.com

Membership Committee

Donna O'Reilly-Einemann - Chair - donna.oreillyeinemann@elliman.com

Sue Gatti - Susan@disruptivespark.com

Phil Hammond - phill@phconsultingmedia.com

Jillian Weston - jillian@jillianscircus.com

Rhonda Glickman - rglickman@liherald.com

Promotion and Event Committee

Don Gelestino - Chair - donald@champion-elevator.com

Jillian Weston - jillian@jillianscircus.com

Monthly Meeting - Jeff Novack - dec5555@aol.com

Snowman Hunt - Lisa Umansky - lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com

Playing on the Porch - Brian Croutier - bcrouts@yahoo.com

Arts and Creative - James McDonald - james@ilostmydog.com

Michael Rechter - drmrsm@aol.com

Danielle Barbaro - danielle.barbaro@gmail.com

Molloy Communiversity - Deb McCarthydmccarthy@molloy.edu

Finance Committee   

Tom Bogue, Treasurer - Chair - tombogue@gmail.com

Michael Rechter - drmrsm@aol.com                 

Ed Asip - easip48@gmail.com                                        

Carol O'Leary - coleary@coachrealtors.com                      

Women's Group Committee

Susan Gatti - Chair - Susan@disruptivespark.com

Restaurant and Hospitality Group Committee

Angelo Ramunni - Chair - angelor@ccfoodsinc.com

Mel Tejada - mel.mtejada@gmail.com