Who To Contact Re: Specific Issue and Questions


Carol O'Leary - Secretary-Email Communications

Carol can keep you up to date on all Chamber and Board progress and decisions the Board has made… She has a wealth of knowledge about the chamber and can always help explain different facets of the Chamber!!

P: 516-536-8100
E: coleary@coachrealtors.com


Donald Gelestino - General Assistance & New Membership

If you are just learning about the RVC Chamber and would like to know more.

P: 646-207-8517
E: ultrasonicrvc.don@gmail.com

Donna Einemann - Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Opening

If you are a new business and would like to schedule a ribbon cutting.

P: 516-509-1137
E: donnaeinemann.danielgale.com

Payment Questions

Ed Asip, Treasurer - Payment Questions

Should you have any dues or event payment questions or issues

P: 516-468-9363
E: easip48@gmail.com

Joe Sacks - Credit Card Payment Questions

Should you have any issues processing a payment thru our RVC Chamber website

P: 917-991-4383
E: joezsacks@gmail.com


Carol O'Leary / Donna Einemann - New Homeowner Program

Did you know that there's a package given to all new homeowners? Even better, you can promote your business in the package for free! Just contact Carol or Donna.

Contact Carol:
P: 516-536-8100
E: coleary@coachrealtors.com

Contact Donna:
P: 516-509-1137
E: donnaeinemann.danielgale.com

Marty Goldenberg - Herald, "Around the Centre" Advertisement

He can help promote your business in many ways including our Monthly "Around the Centre" Chamber Page in the Herald.

P: 516-660-7689
E: mgoldenberg@liherald.com

Jillian Weston - Facebook & Instagram Posts

Jillian would be glad to assist you by helping link or post your business to our Chamber sites!

P: 516-208-9061
E: jillianscircus@gmail.com

Jillian Weston - Chamber Discounts

Offering a discount to chamber members?  Let Jillian know and she will post on the website and distribute to the membership at general meetings.

P: 516-208-9061
E: jillianscircus@gmail.com

Lisa Lowe - RVCTA and PTA Planning

Ask Lisa about how to get involved with marketing your business to the RVC Teachers Association and local PTA's in town.

P: 516-298-8409
E: lisalowe@optonline.net


Iyna Caruso - Playing on the Porch

Awesome event with musical groups playing at homes and businesses.  This event involves the whole Village!  Iyna is your guide and expert on how to maximize this event!

Contact Iyna:
P: 516-594-8578
E: iyna@optonline.net

Chris Guzzo - Eat Shop Rock Planning

This event is HUGE !!! We close 2 streets in June for one of Rockville Centre's greatest event's and street fairs!! Meet hundreds of local families and promote your business all while networking with other local businesses!! Contact Chris to secure your location at the event or gain more information!

P: 917-560-5373
E: c.guzzo@makingmemorease.com

Brian Croutier - Eat Shop Rock Raffles / Chamber Tents

Do you have a raffle gift that you would like to offer for our Eat Shop Rock Raffel?  Please contact us to arrange and coordinate the delivery or pickup of the item(s). This is a GREAT way to promote your business!!!

P: 631-361-3240
E: brian.j.croutier@ml.com

Limor Levy - Recreational Center Programs (Easter Egg Hunt, 10K, Halloween Parade)

The Recreation Center hosts dozens of GREAT events that bring families and businesses together!!! Limor can help coordinate these events as well as guide you in the proper direction should you like to attend or promote your business at one or several of the events!

P: 516-561-0030 ext:7501
E: llevy@mynefcu.org

Lisa Umansky - Pot of Gold

Our annual Pot of Gold Event in March will drive traffic to your business and give you opportunities to meet residents and new potential clients!!!

P: 516-686-7197
E: lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com

Lisa Umansky - Snowman Hunt

The snowman hunt will drive traffic to your business and give you opportunities to meet residents and new potential clients during the holiday season

P: 516-544-2253
E: lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com

Maria Brosnahan / Iyna Caruso - Woman's Group / Think Tank

Maria & Iyna can help you with educational seminars!!! Members meet to discuss different topics like how to market your business, tax changes, etc..If you would like to present or attend one of these seminars call Iyna or Maria. Members meet to discuss different topics like how to market your business, tax changes, etc.

Contact Maria:
P: 516-678-6000
E: mbrosnahan@valleynationalbank.com

Contact Iyna:
P: 516-594-8578
E: iyna@optonline.net

Restaurant Liaison

Jeff Novack - Restaurant Liaison

Did you know the Chamber hosts events, meetings, and parties at local restaurants all the time? If you would like to showcase your restaurant to many other local business owners contact Jeff and he can help you!!!

P: 516-680-9778
E: dec5555@aol.com


Ed Asip, Treasurer - Website Posting & Issues

Did you know once you are a member your business is promoted on our website??? Should you wish to add your business to the site, have a revision to make, or see a correction needed Ed is your guy!!!!  Give Ed a call!

P: 516-468-9363
E: easip48@gmail.com