Who to Contact in the Chamber Re: Specific Issue and Questions



Carol O'Leary – Secretary - Email Communications
P: 516-536-8100
E: coleary@coachrealtors.com


Ed Asip – Treasurer - General Assistance & New Membership
P: 516-468-9363
E: easip48@gmail.com

Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Opening

Donna Einemann  
P: 516-509-1137
E: donna.oreillyeinemann@elliman.com

Payment Questions

Ed Asip, Treasurer – Dues or Event Payment Questions
P: 516-468-9363
E: easip48@gmail.com

Joe Sacks - Credit Card and Online Payment Questions
P: 917-991-4383
E: jsacks@amsprocessing.com


Carol O'Leary / Donna Einemann - New Homeowner Program

Contact Carol: P: 516-536-8100
E: coleary@coachrealtors.com

Contact Donna:
P: 516.669.3700
E: donna.oreillyeinemann@elliman.com

Rhonda Glickman - Herald, "Around the Centre" Advertisement
P: 516-660-7689
E: rglickman@liherald.com

Jillian Weston – All Social Media Member Updates, Programs and Promotions
P: 516-208-9061
E: abigail@jillianscircus.com

Jeff Novack - Restaurant Liaison/Monthly Meetings
P: 516-680-9778
E: dec5555@aol.com

Ed Asip, Treasurer - Website Updates, Posting & Issues
P: 516-468-9363
E: easip48@gmail.com


Iyna Caruso - Playing on the Porch
P: 516-594-8578
E: iyna@optonline.net

Chris Guzzo - Eat Shop Rock Planning and Management
P: 917-560-5373
E: c.guzzo@makingmemorease.com

Lisa Umansky – Snowman Hunt and Pot of Gold
P: 516-686-7197
E: lisa@polkadotpoundcake.com

Iyna Caruso - Woman's Group and Think Tank Meetings

Contact Iyna: P: 516-594-8578
E: iyna@optonline.net